My name is Kristen Hudson Nichols and I am the woman behind Haute Boudoir Photography. I started Haute Boudoir back in 2009 with the idea that every woman deserves the opportunity to have gorgeous, glamorous, sexy professional images of herself. That fuzzy little love bug over my shoulder is one of my cats, Lil Man, and he's the only "man" who oversees my boudoir photography. He's mostly in it for the treats and snuggling while I retouch. 

I have over 15 years experience in professional photography, with a background that has taken me from Commercial Photography to Advertising Agencies honing my skills in art direction, lighting, retouching and of course, photography. I hold a degree from The University of Delaware in Art History with a minor in Art. I actually taught photography and lighting for a visual communications school for a few years while I was finishing my degree. 

I've always been creative, even as a very small child. I was either drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, singing or performing in some way or another, and photography became a natural extension of an already creative lifestyle. I'm a bit silly and I love to laugh. My two favorite movies are Stepbrothers and Pride and Prejudice. I am a huge animal lover and love my twin nephews with all my heart. I married my best friend, Nic, and our favorite thing to do is to get lost in nature, either by foot or kayak.

My photographic style is a blend of editorial, fashion and fine art portraiture. I am a minimalist when it comes to photography, and prefer to keep my sets simple and intimate. I am always looking for genuine emotion and personality in my imagery, and I want everyone I photograph to feel comfortable and confident.  My sessions are fun and happy spaces, and I give you enough direction and coaching to get the most incredible, flattering and gorgeous shots that look and feel like you.

 Every woman I photograph is incredible, amazing, beautiful and unique, which is why I prefer to shoot on location. It's important that the location fit the overall look and feel we want to create for your session, so that your photos, like you, are one of a kind. If you're comfortable in your own home, I'll come to you. If you prefer a hotel or bed and breakfast, we'll find a spot that's just right. If you want to be more adventurous and try something completely different, I'm up for the adventure. Haute Boudoir is about YOU, and I want you to love your experience and your photos and I want you to see yourself in a whole new way. 

I approach Haute Boudoir with a fine art, editorial fashion edge.  I want every aspect of Haute Boudoir to be an unforgettable, ultra fun luxury experience. Every woman deserves to unleash her inner diva, vamp, vixen, ingenue, flirt, femme fatale, starlet, supermodel or sex kitten.

And I am there to capture it.